Zero to One

One thing that’s preached at the office is the concept of “zero to one”. It’s talked about all the time and it’s very simple:

“Zero” is nothing. Nothing has been done or created. No progress. At best, you’ve got an idea. And" “one” is everything. It’s the first thing. There was nothing, and now, something has been created in the world, it’s living, it’s breathing, and others can see it. It has an impact.

That being said, in an effort to help protect national parks, I’m selling canvas prints. After years of thinking about it, I’m finally just gonna do it. So here I am. Draft #1. All profits go to the Parks Restoration Fund. They are the National Parks Service’s official national charitable partner. What a mouthful.

if you would like to buy a nice canvas print of anything on my website, message me a screenshot or link of the photo.

Sizes are at 12 x 16 ($45), 16 x 20 ($50), 18 x 24 ($60), and 24 x 36 ($80). The math is simple, the amount that get donated is every dollar on top of the retail price. And every dollar goes a long way. .