A Website for Yourself

(1 Minute Read)

If you were a blacksmith back in the day, a majority of your business would come from locals. Today, much of the marketplace is online. 

As telephones, cars, planes, and the internet came along, the world shrunk and our relationship to time and space has changed.   It's almost like we live in two worlds. We live in the physical world and there's a second world online. That's why I think it's great when people "buy some land" online and create a website. 

A website is a great place to showcase parts of who you are. Because of this, having a website invites you to ask yourself questions about who you are and who you'd like to be. It's a great place to for introspection and expressing yourself.  

A website is easier to make than you think!  The internet is still in the early days. If you can get your name as a domain, I'd encourage you to snag it! 


A Quick Shoutout

My buddy Alan Chan just made a website! He studies mathematics and is also interested in writing, music, art, programming, and design. I feel a kinship with him because I too, am drawn to many things. I think his site is a perfect example of using a website to discover, create, and express yourself.